Airdrop Alert: mCoin are Giving $25 USD in Tokens for Signup


mCoin, a newly formed blockchain based company, are currently looking for participants for their official airdrop. Their airdrop is one which is said to be of a very generous value, rewarding participants with $25 USD for entering. To take part in the airdrop you will need to follow their Twitter, make a retweet, join their Telegram and, eventually, download their wallet.

The mCoin company has a very interesting plan for their product – they wish to provide users of mobile phones which do not have the internet with internet like services, such as group messaging and voice messaging. If they can achieve their goals I do not see why this company cannot become a success as their plan is an interesting one.

As always, I have no way of knowing whether the tokens are worth what has been stated but you can signup below. Happiness.

Join the mCoin airdrop

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