Airdrop Alert: Mannabase (MANNA)


We would all love to be able to get some free money every now and again, right? I know I would. Well, Mannabase are going to give you exactly that. They currently have an airdrop which rewards users 500 MANNA tokens for simply signing up to their website platform. They are also offering users the opportunity to participate in their Universal Basic Income program which will see participants receive a set amount of crypto airdropped into their account every month. Nice, right?

Mannabase are a company who aim to aid all those in the world who are struggling to deal with the financial burden bestowed upon them by life in the modern world. They aim do this using blockchain technology to automatically distribute their MANNA cryptocurrency to all the approved participants in their UBI airdrop.

Currently the MANNA token is worth just over $0.01 USD which means the 500 tokens you will receive for simply signing up are worth just over $7 USD. While signing up to their airdrop is rewarding enough i definitely recommend attempting to get into their UBI program as it does appear to be quite fruitful.

As of this moment I am pretty sure that tokens are locked in their dashboard until they have made all facets of their service live to the public so this is a good opportunity to save some crypto and hope it raises in value one day.

Anyway, enough jabbering on, you can signup below, enjoy!

Click here to join the Mannabase airdrop

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