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Airdrop Alert: Bitcoin Token (BTK) (CLOSED)

Bitcoin Token

Yes, that is right, I am now giving out airdrop alerts through Something Decent. Those of you who follow me on my Twitter account will already be aware of the fact that I also post occasional airdrop alert notices via my Twitter account, as well as conducting my own airdrops (follow me to enter my 1 Onion airdrop).

To enable a wider audience to enter into these airdrops and get aboard the crypto train without any financial investment I am now going to start publishing details of ongoing airdrops via the Something Decent website starting today. So with no further ado, I announce to you Bitcoin Token (BTK), a peer to peer digital currency with open source code.

As of now there aren’t many details about the token available other than it being a fast and secure, decentralised, digital currency. However, I can inform you that, for the meantime at least, the developer is active on the currency’s Telegram channel and entry is relatively simple.

As more information about the currency is revealed I will deliver it to you all, for now, here are the details of entry to the airdrop.


Platform:Ethereum (ERC20 Token)
Runtime:Until they reach 4000 entries
Follow TwitterYes@Bitcoin_Token
Post a TweetYesReply to tweet below with your eth address
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Facebook ShareNoN/A
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Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.

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