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Kraken to List Cardano and Quantum

As you can probably decipher from the title of this post, Europe's leading cryptocurrency exchange by volume, Kraken, have officially announced that they will be listing both the Cardano (ADA) and Quantum (QTUM) cryptocurrencies on Friday 28th September 2018. Both of the mentioned listings are due to go live simultaneously...
To Trade, or Not to Trade

To Trade, or Not to Trade, Here’s an Opinion…

...Not that it matters. Jokes aside I thought I would make a short beginners article about the risks of trading cryptocurrencies. If you are someone who has been around the crypto-verse for some time you may, or may not, find this useful. If you are new to the scene, I'd...
Coin Tiger List Enumivo

Enumivo is Now Listed on Coin Tiger

Popular China based cryptocurrency exchange, Coin Tiger, have announced that they have officially listed the main net Enumivo cryptocurrency on their platform, with pairs to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Enumivo token is traded under the ENU ticker and this listing marks a great step towards raising awareness about the project....