Deep Onion Airdrop

Why I’m Running Airdrops From my Own Crypto Funds & Pushing Deep Onion

Many of you will already be aware of my own personal airdrops where I distribute my hard earned crypto, for free, to followers of my Twitter account (@DaFingIs). If not get on over to Twitter and follow me! Anyway, this is the first time I have taken to my beloved...
Hawala Wallet

Hawala Today: Low Supply High Rewards

After all the talk of crashes, kidnappings and privacy oriented crypto currencies I thought that today would be an appropriate time to change the direction and introduce a new company which is rapidly gaining momentum: Hawala Today. While I may never have covered a story on Hawala Today up until...
Bitcoin crash

Why I’m Not Worried About the Bitcoin ‘Crash’

As all you crypto investors will most likely have already seen, the cryptoverse is currently drowning in a red sea that even the biblical legend Moses would have trouble parting. Many of the newer investors, who are possessors of weak hands, will be heading to their nearest exchange and trying...
Deep Onion

Deep Onion is Most Certainly NOT a Scam and Here’s Why

Regulars to this blog may be thinking that it is rapidly becoming a Deep Onion affiliated blog but I would like to remind those who do of the Something Decent tagline: Always original, never sponsored. This is less sponsored content and more a push to advise people of the truth...
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