ethereum reentrancy

Constantinople Bug Stalls Rollout

The Ethereum Core Developers and The Ethereum Security Committee have taken the step of stalling their rollout of the anticipated Constantinople upgrade due to the discovery of a security risk. The security risk was found by Chain security (an organisation dedicated to providing security assessments for blockchain projects) and is...

The Telos Snapshot is in Just Two Days!

You may remember my article yesterday which introduced Telos: an EOS based chain with a fair BP governance policy. Well, today I am back with a little more news about the newly formed blockchain startup. This time the news is something which could be of benefit to all of you....
cambridge analytica

Cambridge Analytica Plead Guilty to UK Data Breach

On January 9th 2019, representatives of Cambridge Analytica pleaded guilty to "failing to comply with an enforcement notice issued by the national data protection watchdog" at Hendon Magistrates' court, NW London. The court appearance and admission came after a list of scandals involving democratic elections and referendums, as well as...
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