samsung galaxy s10 cryptocurrency wallet

Samsung Galaxy S10 Appears to Have Inbuilt Blockchain Wallet

Rumours regarding the features of the next generation of mobile phones always seem to include some form of cryptocurrency or blockchain enabled features nowadays. Well, apparently, those rumours would be true if they are about the next Samsung phone to be released: the Samsung Galaxy S10. For the past couple...
cryptopia hack

Cryptopia Hack Estimated to be in the Region of $16m

You may remember my article on the 17th January which relayed information regarding the recent cryptopia hack. If you missed it, it stated that the New Zealand police had began investigating the crime. Since then it has been announced by data firm Elementus that the hack is most likely to...
etc attacker returns funds

Ethereum Classic’s 51% Attacker Bizarrely Returns Some ETC

You may remember hearing about the recent 51% attack which hit the Ethereum Classic blockchain at the beginning of January 2019. Well, in a bizarre turn of events, it would seem that the attacker, for whatever reason, has had a change of heart and returned a significant amount of ETC...
bittorrent airdrop

BTT to Airdrop to Tron (TRX) Holders

You may have already heard that Bit Torrent will be releasing their own cryptocurrency on the Tron (TRX) blockchain network. They intend to use the token as a means of rewarding people who use their BitTorrent client to seed content. For those who do not know, the BitTorrent system works...
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