Paragon cryptocurrency

Introducing Paragon: Revolutionising the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis cultivation and cryptocurrencies. There’s a few words I bet you didn’t expect to read in the same sentence. If that’s the case I’m going to take a further bet and guess that you’re unaware of the Paragon coin or their future plans, so let me enlighten you. Paragon are...

Introducing Alloy: A Universal Rewards System

We've all had a store card/loyalty bonus program/cashback which didn't really amount to anything other than an extra piece of junk to assist with the padding out of our unnecessarily packed wallets/purses, right? I know I have! Wouldn't it be great if there were some form of system in place...

How can you get into crypto?

So, you've heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Neo, and now you want to have a little punt in the crypto world and see if you can make a bit of money, but where do you start? Well, that depends entirely on the route you wish to take. Before getting heavily...

What in the blue blazing hell is crypto and why should I care?

At first glance you'd be excused for thinking that the topic of this post is a morbid one, focused on morgues and all things related to the afterlife. Well, rest assured, it isn't. It's about the rapidly growing sensation known as block-chain technology and crypto-currencies. Specifically it's a brief introduction...
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