An Interview With-Enumivo

The Enumivo Main-net Blockchain is now Live

All of the regular readers here at Something Decent will already have an idea of what Enumivo is, and is about. If you're not one of them I will provide a quick recap to bring you up to speed: Enumivo is a standalone blockchain which is based on the open...

Announcement for Those who Didn’t Receive Their BRD Airdrop

You may remember that, a couple months ago, I posted an article about an airdrop of BRD tokens from the people who created the Bread Wallet app. Well, it turns out that many people who entered the airdrop did not see the requirement to post the Ethereum address of their...

Twist Network have Released their Unique Data Explorer

Some of you may well remember that, at the beginning of the year, I posted an article about the Twist Network airdrop to Bitcointalk members, and then to subsequent follow-up post which gave a little insight into what the Twist Network company wished to do with their product. Well, some...
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