Electroneum Instant Payment API

Electroneum Release Their Payment API

British based blockchain project Electroneum have announced a piece of news which will, no doubt, have been long anticipated by their ETN token holding community. The news they have announced is that their patented payment gateway API has now been released to the public and is currently being operated in...
Deutsche Bourse Blockchain

Deutsche Boerse Begins Investigating Blockchain Implementation

German based stock exchange, Deutsche Boerse, have officially announced that they are beginning to look into the possibility of implementing blockchain technology into their current system. The exchange have gone on record to state that they are interested in finding out how using a distributed ledger type system could further...
An Interview With-Enumivo

Enumivo Release Their Oracle System

You may remember an article I released some time ago which explained the proposed UBI payment system from cryptocurrency project, Enumivo. If you don't remember, the jist of it was that they were planning on using blockchain technology to deliver a universal basic income system to all members of their...
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