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Brave Browser Releases Ad Rewards

You might remember my article a couple days ago regarding an impending update to Brave browser. The time has come and the team behind the project have made good on their ICO promises. As you will remember, if you read my previous article, the privacy-centric browser plans to reward users...
brave update

Brave Browser is Set to Rollout a Major Update

Those of you who, like myself, are deeply interested, and excited, by the Brave browser project will more than likely already be aware of the impending milestones laid out on the company's roadmap (available on Github here). To put it bluntly, on April 23rd 2019 the BAT team will be...
Satoshis Treasure

The Hunt for $1m in Bitcoin has Begun

On April 14th 2019 an unsuspecting Twitter user received a mysterious message regarding a Bitcoin 'Easter Egg'. The Easter Egg, however, is not like some worthless bit of in-game bragging-rights-giving tat, it is worth a total of $1 million USD, in Bitcoin. The message stated that, in order for a...
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