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Coinstar Machines to Start Selling Bitcoin

Coinstar, the company behind the big machine in the back of your supermarket which converts all your loose change into notes have made an exciting announcement. Those same machines are going to start selling Bitcoin! The news comes as part of a partnership with Coinme - a company which makes...

The First Ever Telos Snapshot Has Been Taken

You may remember that I posted an article about the EOS sister chain, Telos. The article explained that they would be taking a snapshot of all Telos accounts which have completed any kind of transaction on the main net prior to block 6m being mined. Once the snapshot had been...

Binance Launch Binance JE with a €20 Airdrop

You may have heard the news that the worlds leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has made good on their promise to continue building their empire through the cryptocurrency bear market by launching their Jersey based exchange, Binance JE. The Binance JE exchange is set to provide its customers with direct trading...
cryptopia hack

New Zealand Police Enter the Cryptopia Hacker Hunt

On January 14th 2019, Cryptopia, one of the industry's larger cryptocurrency exchanges, was hacked and subsequently rendered offline while they investigate the security breach. While the exact figures are not clear it is certain that users of the exchange have encountered significant losses. Some are speculating to be in the...
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