Twist Network have Released their Unique Data Explorer

Some of you may well remember that, at the beginning of the year, I posted an article about the Twist Network airdrop to Bitcointalk members, and then to subsequent follow-up post which gave a little insight into what the Twist Network company wished to do with their product. Well, some...
An Interview With-Enumivo

Enumivo have Released their Main Network Blockchain

Many of the more regular readers of Something Decent will, no doubt, already be aware of the dealings of the popular crypto blockchain, Enumivo, through their introduction to the project on this website back in February 2018. Well, if you haven't been keeping up to date, you will do yourself...

Electronero (ETNX) Have Taken Their Snapshot, Here’s What to do Next

Anyone who is a regular reader of this website will be well aware of the fact that a group of crypto enthusiasts and developers united to create an unofficial fork of the popular, but controversial, Cryptonite based blockchain, Electroneum. The reason for creating this unofficial fork was simply due to...

Quantstamp set to Audit and Advise Wanchain

After what must seem like a bucket load of rumours cropping up over the past couple of weeks, the Quantstamp team have finally chimed in to the Wanchain partnership debate and confirmed the news which the QSP supporting community will, no doubt, have been waiting for: Quantstamp is officially partnering...
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