Quantstamp set to Audit and Advise Wanchain

After what must seem like a bucket load of rumours cropping up over the past couple of weeks, the Quantstamp team have finally chimed in to the Wanchain partnership debate and confirmed the news which the QSP supporting community will, no doubt, have been waiting for: Quantstamp is officially partnering...

Announcing our Official Forum in Partnership with Enumivo

Today I am excited to announce to all of Something Decent's visitors that we have officially been granted permission to create a partnered forum with the rapidly growing blockchain, Enumivo. Those of you which are regular frequenters of this website will already know of the long standing support which Something...

An Update on the Progress of Electronero

Those of you which are regular visitors of Something Decent will already be aware of the impending unofficial Electroneum fork which will result in a new cryptocurrency, Electronero, being created and freely distributed. In case you aren't a regular, you can find all the original announcement on the Electronero airdrop...
An Interview With-Enumivo

Enumivo Lead Dev to Complete an Interview with Kkex on May 11th

Enumivians rejoice! The enigmatic lead developer of the mysterious Enumivo platform is set to part take in a rare interview with popular cryptocurrency exchange, Kkex, on May the 11th 2018. Those of you already involved with Enumivo will, no doubt, already be aware of the fact that Kkex is an...
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