A section dedicated to cryptocurrencies our editors believe are undervalued at the time of posting

Hawala Wallet

Hawala Today: Low Supply High Rewards

After all the talk of crashes, kidnappings and privacy oriented crypto currencies I thought that today would be an appropriate time to change the direction and introduce a new company which is rapidly gaining momentum: Hawala Today. While I may never have covered a story on Hawala Today up until...
OMG Cover

Crypto MVP for 2018: OmiseGo

As the new year is drawing ever closer, and the general populous prepares for a debaucherous nights of antics they hope to forget, us Cryptonians are all preparing for what will be an important year in the Cryptoverse and trying to get our last minute stocks bought up before any...

Crypto MVP for 2018: Humaniq

While you may not have heard of the previous three subjects of my 'Crypto MVP for 2018' column the next top pick I will recommend you is most likely one you have seen, especially if you follow the old magnanimous John McAfee on Twitter, Humaniq (HMQ). If you're not aware...
Dragonchain cover

Crypto MVP for 2018: Dragonchain

If you read my post yesterday about Deep Onion and then acted on it you will no doubt be seeing a tidy little profit today as the currency has rose by nigh on $1 USD. If you also followed my advice about ELTCOIN you would have also acquired a tidy...
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