A section dedicated to cryptocurrencies our editors believe are undervalued at the time of posting


Introducing Kkex: An International Digital Asset Exchange

Many of you may remember a couple of my recent posts which announced that a young exchange, Kkex, was teaming up with popular cryptocurrency, Enumivo, to conduct an exclusive interview with the project's creator, and to host an airdrop of their Liteshares native currency, LTS. Well, the rapidly growing exchange...

Introducing BTC Draft: The Crypto Gaming Platform

We all know what the traditional gambling games are and how to place a bet at the bookies, furthermore, we all know that the majority of centralised online gambling platforms are rigged so that the house has an unfathomably strong advantage. But, guess what? We still go ahead and throw...

Introducing Enumivo: Social Justice on the Blockchain

Many of you regulars here at Something Decent may well remember the Enumivo airdrop which took place a few days ago and required participants to send 0 (zero) Ethereum to their smart contract which automatically distributed them a share of the remaining tokens allocated for the airdrop. Well, after successful...
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