Giveaway Guide: DAX Network (DAX)

Are you in the mood for a giveaway/competition? If so read on. Now, I know that this has been labelled as an airdrop but, as regulars here will know, I do not consider anything which requires loads of social interactions etc as an airdrop. Further to that, if there is...

Giveaway Guide: Win 10,000 BTK with Something Decent

We at Something Decent are proud to announce the details of our exclusive giveaway which will be conducted in partnership with the community token Bitcoin Token (BTK). The good people over at Bitcoin Token have been working tirelessly behind the scenes in an attempt to make a truly decentralised token...

Giveaway Guide: Win 1 Onion for Following Me (CLOSED)

To keep momentum going on the Something Decent website I have decided to create a little section to separate giveaways from the airdrop and bounty sections. For this section I will be posting crypto related competitions which do not require any financial input to enter (as is the rules of...
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