Bounty Beacon: ATRL Token (ATRL) (CLOSED)

Newly formed Crypto startup ATRL are currently conducting the second round of their relatively anticipated bounty program. All you have to do to enter is join their Telegram and Twitter, and make a post on their Bitcoin Talk announcement page. For your efforts you will be rewarded with a set...

Bounty Beacon: Etheropoly (OPOLY)

You remember playing Monopoly with all your family at Christmas and someone throwing a tantrum when they lost, right? Well now you can relive the experience on the Ethereum blockchain with Etheropoly! What's more is they are giving every member of their Telegram group 100 of their OPOLY tokens which...

Bounty Beacon: Skraps (SKRP)

Here we have another example of a bounty program which has been listed as an airdrop elsewhere. The Skraps distribution will reward you with SKRP tokens for participating in assisting with promotion of their social channels. To enter the bounty program you need to have an Altcoins Talks account (click...

Bounty Beacon: Hada DBank (HADA)

For this bounty I cannot inform you of the amount of tokens you will receive for one simple reason: I don't have a clue. Currently this bounty does not disclose what you will receive for joining so it may be one some of you decide to miss, which is fair...
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