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Newdex Hack

The Latest Crypto ‘Hack’ Emphasises a Need to Do Your Research

Yesterday (18th September 2018) the news broke that a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) called Newdex was hacked to the tune of roughly $58k due to their complacent design which lacked a smart contract. While it may seem like a pittance in comparison to the more publicised and famous crypto hacks...
Crypto UBI

Cryptocurrency UBI Programs

With the current state of the cryptocurrency market I thought I would take a minute to write an article which informs all of our readers of some currently active blockchain based UBI projects. We all know that numerous people have been rekt in this super grizzly bear market and, instead...

Changes to Something Decent’s ICO/Airdrop Listing Procedures

This is something which has been a long time coming. As part of the ongoing rebrand at Something Decent I have decided to release the official listing guidelines for airdrops and ICOs to be listed on our website. As regulars will know, I do not allow adverts or paid articles/listings...

The Bears are out and The Tree is Being Shaken

As I try to move away from making Something Decent solely about airdrops which might end up being worth something (let's face it, most aren't) I wanted to start focusing on writing more informative pieces, which I will try to keep objective. When I say objective I mean without any...
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