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stablecoin replace fiat

Opinion: Stable Coins will Replace Fiat, not Cryptocurrencies

Before I get started I want to say I am a firm believer in cryptocurrencies and in blockchain technology. I simply do not believe that the 'powers that be' would stand by and allow for a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, to replace traditional fiat currencies. That is not to say...
UK Tax Advice

Some Tax Advice for UK Crypto Workers

You may have noticed that, yesterday, the British government announced their guidelines on taxation for individuals holding and receiving crypto-assets in the United Kingdom. As you can imagine the document they have released is a considerably lengthy one and is one which, to be honest, doesn't sit very well with...
To Trade, or Not to Trade

To Trade, or Not to Trade, Here’s an Opinion…

...Not that it matters. Jokes aside I thought I would make a short beginners article about the risks of trading cryptocurrencies. If you are someone who has been around the crypto-verse for some time you may, or may not, find this useful. If you are new to the scene, I'd...
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