Airdrop Alert: Zen AD are Dropping 3000 Tokens to Each Claimant

Newly formed blockchain startup, Zen AD, are currently distributing their tokens through an airdrop smart contract. The airdrop is to be conducted in the same manner as the Enumivo airdrop which took place in February this year and sees users pay for their own gas. Currently the tokens do not...

Airdrop Alert: Tritanium are Dropping up to 100 TTNZ Tokens

Newly formed cryptocurrency startup company, Tritanium, are currently trying to drive up some attention for their platform by conducting an airdrop and bounty campaign. Their airdrop is one which has numerous levels of entry and is offering up to 100 TTNZ tokens for completing all the tasks. They are also...

Airdrop Alert: Initiative Q are Conducting an Invite Only Airdrop

Initiative Q are currently taking registrations for their official airdrop program. Their airdrop is one which is claiming to be what is quite possibly the most generous drop I have ever seen. They are promising to drop everyone who enters with up to 140K tokens, for which they are targeting...
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