Random tangents

Sugar, the Scapegoat of the Overweight and Undermotivated

Its been a while since I posted anything which wasn't crypto/blockchain related on Something Decent and, to be honest, I want to get back to regularly updating the various other sections of the website. So, today I am going to attempt to open discussion about a subject I have seen...
Crushed bicycle
Random tangents

Cyclists, are we Really Such a Nuisance?

Firstly, i’m not a great fan of labelling myself as anything, let alone a cyclist. Mainly because i don’t dress myself in full lycra from the neck down just to go for a short ride to get a tin of beans, and also because i think labelling yourself as something...
Back in my day

Remember ‘knocking for someone’?

As this is the first post in ye olde 'back in the day' column I thought I would start with a topic that would most likely show my age and give a slight insight into life as a youth pre internet and mobile phone. Well, I say pre, what I...
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