Blockchain tech farmers

Aon, Oxfam, and Etherisc Launch Blockchain Initiative to Help Small Sri Lankan Farmers

Today, July 1st 2019, insurance firm Aon plc released a statement regarding their latest initiative. It is one which sees them team up with global charity, Oxfam, and Ethereum based blockchain developers Etherisc. All three companies have united in order to provide small-time farmers in Sri Lanka with micro-insurance, against...
ethereum adopts erc-1155 standard

Enjin’s ERC-1155 Adopted as Official Ethereum Standard

On June 17th 2019 the ERC-1155 standard, introduced by Enjin co-founder Witek Radomski, was adopted as an official Ethereum standard protocol. This means that the Ethereum development community are now happy to commit to the code that they have, and no further changes are required. It also means that ERC-1155...
binance to launch binance us

Binance Updates T&C to Make Way for Launch of Binance US

Today, June 14th 2019, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, released an article announcing Binance US. Within the announcement Binance also explain that they have formed a partnership with BAM Trading Services. The article states that Binance will be licensing its "cutting-edge matching engine and wallet technologies" to BAM. It...
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