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Introducing Ethereum Limited Total Coin (ELTCOIN): A Community Based ERC20 Token

After reading that long old title above you’re probably wondering what the Ethereum Limited Total Coin is and what it’s about. Well, fear not, I’m here to give you a bit of info before their flash pre-sale starts. If you’re a regular reader of these ever so lovely crypto chronicles...
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Attack of the Clones: Airdrops and the Madness that Ensues

As another crazy week in the crypto verse comes to a close I’m sure many of you who have been paying attention are flabbergasted (word of the day) at the recent turn of events which has seen everyone and their dog run over to the popular forum Bitcoin Talk to...

Introducing Electroneum: Bringing Crypto to the Masses

Aaaand were back! Another episode from the weekly Crypto Chronicles, this time I'm going to be bringing you something which is a little closer to home (for me at least) in Electroneum. That's right, the crypto startup being focused on today is one which all Brits can feel a little...
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