Live Edu Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: Live Edu (EDU) (CLOSED)

Here we have a good old fashioned airdrop with no referrals no bounties, nothing, just a simple old "give me your public address and follow our Telegram channel" kinda deal. Live Education are distributing 1 EDU token to each person who fills their form in and joins their Telegram and...
Network Token Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: Network Token (NTWK) (CLOSED)

Ethereum based token Network Token are back with the second round of their airdrop which is free to enter for all. The airdrop is going to be running for four weeks from the 31st January 2018 and the winners of the airdrop will be selected at random. Each winner will...
IPMine Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: InterPlanetary Mine (IPM) (CLOSED)

This is an airdrop which I have very limited information about, all I can really tell you is it is for a company called InterPlanetary Mine and you will receive IPM tokens for participating. To enter the airdrop you simply need to input your Ethereum public wallet address into their...
ICC Airdrop

Airdrop Alert: Intelligent Commerce Chain (ICC) (CLOSED)

Intelligent Commerce Chain have announced they are running an airdrop via their Telegram channel which is free to enter. As with many of these airdrops you simply have to enter your Ethereum public wallet address into their website and submit a confirmation code to their Telegram bot for confirmation. For...
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