Deep Onion Airdrop

Why I’m Running Airdrops From my Own Crypto Funds & Pushing Deep Onion

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Many of you will already be aware of my own personal airdrops where I distribute my hard earned crypto, for free, to followers of my Twitter account (@DaFingIs). If not get on over to Twitter and follow me! Anyway, this is the first time I have taken to my beloved Something Decent to post about […]

Deep Onion

Deep Onion is Most Certainly NOT a Scam and Here’s Why

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Regulars to this blog may be thinking that it is rapidly becoming a Deep Onion affiliated blog but I would like to remind those who do of the Something Decent tagline: Always original, never sponsored. This is less sponsored content and more a push to advise people of the truth behind what is, in my […]

Deep Onion Cover

Deep Onion and the Need for Anonymity in Crypto

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While all you regular readers of this website may be a bit tired of me banging on about the growing cryptocurrency Deep Onion, some of you may well have read the recent article about the abduction of Pavel Lerner (owner of crypto exchange Exmo). The story goes that, on the 28th December 2017, a group […]

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Introducing Deep Onion: Your Anonymity Guaranteed

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In an attempt to buck the trend of all these Ethereum based tokens, which may or may not be of any real world value, I’ve decided to get back to introducing a crypto company with a solid plan, roadmap, and use: Deep Onion. As mentioned in the title, the focal selling point of the Deep […]