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Get Out: A Weirdly Gripping Film About Rich White People and Their Ebony Fetish

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So, it’s time for the first ever ‘Treat Yourself Tip’ from us over here at Something Decent. Well, I say us, it’s really from me, DaFingIs. Anyway, this little old ditty comes in the form of a film which isn’t all that old, actually. To be honest it has only just been released and this […]

Disney’s Jungle Book: The Story of a Lad Who Leaves His Mukkas at First Sight of Some Strange

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Every soul who pooped in a nappy between the 70’s and 90’s has seen the original animated Jungle Book film by Disney, right? You know, the one where the little lad is raised by animals in the jungle and they all band together to banish the human eating tiger, Shere Kahn? Then they live happily […]

Review of ‘Communion’ by Years & Years

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You might be asking yourself “who are Years & Years, and what is Communion?” Well, let me fill you in, Years & Years are a British based electronica trio that were picked up back in 2012. Their single, King, made it to no 1 in the British charts and their follow up single, Shine, made […]