Giveaway Guide: Ternio (TERN)

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Its been a while since I found a half decent looking giveaway (other than the ones by myself and Something Decent, of course) so I was happy to find the Ternio one which, apparently, is rewarding randomly selected people who signup to the airdrop program and join their telegram group. The basis of their giveaway […]


Giveaway Guide: DAX Network (DAX)

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Are you in the mood for a giveaway/competition? If so read on. Now, I know that this has been labelled as an airdrop but, as regulars here will know, I do not consider anything which requires loads of social interactions etc as an airdrop. Further to that, if there is a chance that anyone who […]


Bounty Beacon: Mosaic Token (MZX)

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I have found another one of those follow-a-load-of-social-accounts bounties for those of you who do not mind them. This time the bounty is from Mosaic Token and, to be fair, it is a pretty simple bounty. The only thing you actually have to do as a requirement is join their Telegram group although they do […]


Airdrop Alert: Max Data (MXD)

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Newly started cryptocurrency Max Data have released the details of their simple to enter airdrop. As regulars will know, an airdrop is meant to be a simple method of distributing your fund without promoting a company within an inch of its life. Anyway, the airdrop will see each participant receive 20 tokens for filling out […]