Bounty Beacon: Mind Link (ML)

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Are you in the mood for a cheeky little bounty program? If so, read on. Mid Link are currently conducting a bounty program of their own which will reward all those who follow some simple social tasks and register on their website. They are asking all users who wish to participate to like the Mind […]


Giveaway Guide: DAX Network (DAX)

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Are you in the mood for a giveaway/competition? If so read on. Now, I know that this has been labelled as an airdrop but, as regulars here will know, I do not consider anything which requires loads of social interactions etc as an airdrop. Further to that, if there is a chance that anyone who […]


Airdrop Alert: Gplay (GPA)

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We’re back with another proper, old school, airdrop. Decentralised gaming network Gplay have been doing the rounds on the Bitcoin Talk forum and have already distributed 3 rounds of their airdrop. All you have to do to enter the airdrop is download their wallet (I have downloaded the mac version myself with no problems or […]


Airdrop Alert: Twist Network (TWIST) (CLOSED)

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After my article about the differences between airdrops, giveaways and bounties I figured I should provide you all with a good, old-fashioned, airdrop. This airdrop doesn’t require you do anything more than generate a Twist wallet (click here), stick the address in the location field on your Bitcoin Talk account (which must have activity of […]