Bounty Beacon: Passive Token (PAT)

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New crypto startup Passive Token have announced via Bitcoin Talk that they are conducting a bounty which is simple enough to enter. All you have to do to receive 100 tokens is join their Telegram, follow their Twitter, retweet their tweet and message their dev on Telegram. As is the case with many of these […]

Deep Onion Bounty

Bounty Beacon: Deep Onion – An Anonymous Democracy

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So its been quite a while since I last made a post about what is one of my personally favoured cryptocurrencies – Deep Onion. As regular readers of Something Decent will already know, Deep Onion is an anonymous crypto currency which operates over the TOR network famed for its ability to anonymously access the infamous […]

Aethia Bounty

Bounty Beacon: Aethia – Tamagotchis on the Ethereum blockchain

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Do you remember the massive uproar which was caused by the release of the infamous Crypto Pets a couple months back? The onslaught of digital feline and canine acquisition was so populous that it caused the entire Ethereum blockchain to crash through the overwhelming traffic and become severely back logged with transactions. Well, the new […]