Airdrop Alert: EtherBTC (ETHB)

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To join the commoditisation of the e token phase crypto seems to be going through at the moment newly formed cryptocurrency Ether BTC have been conducting a simple airdrop which anyone can participate in by simply sending 1 Wei of Eth (0.000000000000000001 – seventeen zeros) to their specified contract address: 0x9c821D1eEd859080C307e326fcC888C230D2Bf86. As it stands there […]

Bitcoin crash

Why I’m Not Worried About the Bitcoin ‘Crash’

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As all you crypto investors will most likely have already seen, the cryptoverse is currently drowning in a red sea that even the biblical legend Moses would have trouble parting. Many of the newer investors, who are possessors of weak hands, will be heading to their nearest exchange and trying to flog off whatever they […]


Crypto Airdrops: Could they replace ICOs?

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If you have been following us at Something Decent (along with all the usual crypto currency websites) over the past few days you have probably noticed the mass influx of ‘airdropped’ tokens being issued on both the Ethereum and Waves platforms, and probably have an opinion as to whether the whole concept is a worthwhile […]

How can you get into crypto?

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So, you’ve heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Neo, and now you want to have a little punt in the crypto world and see if you can make a bit of money, but where do you start? Well, that depends entirely on the route you wish to take. Before getting heavily wrapped up in the world […]