Airdrop Alert: Mannabase (MANNA)

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We would all love to be able to get some free money every now and again, right? I know I would. Well, Mannabase are going to give you exactly that. They currently have an airdrop which rewards users 500 MANNA tokens for simply signing up to their website platform. They are also offering users the […]


Bounty Beacon: Elementh (EEE)

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Newly created e-commerce blockchain is currently conducting a bounty campaign for all who wish to enter. To participate in the bounty and get some free tokens is pretty simple and all you have to do is register to their website and then join their Telegram channel. For completing the signup you will receive 1 stake […]


Bounty Beacon: Mosaic Token (MZX)

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I have found another one of those follow-a-load-of-social-accounts bounties for those of you who do not mind them. This time the bounty is from Mosaic Token and, to be fair, it is a pretty simple bounty. The only thing you actually have to do as a requirement is join their Telegram group although they do […]


Airdrop Alert: KoveredPay (KVP) (CLOSED)

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It’s that time again, airdrop time. This time I am bringing KoveredPay, another self claiming airdrop contract which requires you to interact with a smart contract to attain your tokens. As of now you will receive 350 KVP tokens for invoking the claim function on their contract however, as is often the case, I am […]