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Review of Time by Milburn

So you may remember our little give them a go article about the Sheffield based band, Milburn, last week. Well, today, I am ecstatic to be able to bring you a review of absolutely no merit about their brand new album, Time.

Yes, that’s right, the lads are back and bigger than ever! During the buildup to the release they have been touring around the country like nobodies business, giving fans a slight taste of what they’d been missing and what was about to come.

As someone who has been following the band quite a bit I was very unsure what to expect from their album, Time, beyond electric guitars and silky vocals as so much of the pre release press had been focused around the fact that the lads didn’t want to release a stereotypical indie album with loads of high tempo, three minute long club tracks to get the teenagers excited.

In their words, they wanted to make something which was for us, the fans, those who turned a little reunion gig into a full on comeback. After all, whats the point in doing what everyone else is doing anyway?

To The Review…

So, about the album, it’s exactly what they said it would be. If you don’t understand what Milburn were trying to do with this one you will not like it but, from the second I pressed play, I found that my head was nodding and it wasn’t stopping.

Yes, the album might lack a plethora of high energy songs which have become so prevalent in the indie and rock scene nowadays, but, it has a purpose, it has a meaning, it’s not just a bunch of guys picking up some instruments and trying to make a quick buck.

As a fan of the band I can feel the emotion and effort which has been put into it. The fact that Milburn have gone for something different with this release is something that really need to be applauded. Coming back from such a long hiatus would of made most bands nervous to re-announce themselves with an album which goes against the general consensus of the music industry but they’ve come out, done it and done it well.

Personally I love the vibe which is prevalent throughout, the easiest way for me to sum it up would be by comparing it to seeing your old childhood friend for the first time in donkeys and, while he now has a new look about him and has evidently done some growing up, he is still your mukka and nothing has changed that.

That is this album, the childhoods mukka that moved to Scotland and has just resurfaced back down south. Great work lads!

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