Ready for a little bit of hip hop with traditionally styled beats and conscious lyrics? If so you’re most certainly in luck! To give you a brief bit of background information, Verb T has been active on the UK hip hop scene for some time and is one of many respected emcees on the High Focus UK roster, he is also part of the UK rap collective ‘The Four Owls’.

The latest offering from Verb T is a collaborative effort which features funk & soul infused beats from Mancunian producer Pitch 92 of Mouse Outfit, and is titled ‘Good Evening’. The album has been three years in the making and, considering the healthy list of collaborations, promises to deliver some of Verb T’s best work to date. Treat yourself to a little preview of the album’s flavour with the official music video to the albums second track ‘Getaway Car’.

To the review…

Where to start? I suppose the beginning would be a good place, keeping with tradition an’ that. Anyway, as someone who exuded hip hop from every fibre of my being throughout the entirety of my teen years and early twenties, it is a genre I hold very close to home and am quite overly critical of. However, having heard Verb T and High Focus’s previous releases, ‘Good Evening’ was an album I expected big things from.

So, with my expectations held high and a can of criticism chilling in the fridge waiting to burst into the world like a cold condescending meteorite of negativity, I switched on the NS10s, made a cupper, and then pressed play…

I’ve gotta say, the album pretty much sets the tone right from the off. If this were a race horse it would of shot of the line before any of it’s competitors had even heard the gun. From the moment the first burst of audio hits your ear Verb T and Pitch 92 provide an onslaught of traditional hip hop beats and diverse lyrical verses.

While the album has a consistent funky vibe, which doesn’t falter throughout, the choices of songs that ‘made the cut’ provide a diverse variety of emotions for Verb T to cycle through with a plethora of flows to match the tone of each song.

Overall the album is a solid one and possibly Verb T’s best to date and any fan of traditional hip hop beats, and diverse flows, will definitely get a little fuzzy feeling inside after listening.

The only criticism to be had would be on the number of guest artists that feature on the album. While it can be taken as an ode to the accomplishments of Verb T that so many respected UK hip hop emcees are happy to work with him, I personally feel that an album should be a representation of you as an individual artist or band, and that mass collaborative efforts are better left as mixtapes.

Anyway, to conclude, ‘Good Evening’ by Verb T and Pitch 92 is most definitely a thoroughly enjoyable album which any fan of traditional hip hop should give a try. The only downside, in my opinion, is the large number of guest artists which makes it feel like more of a mixtape.

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