You might be asking yourself “who are Years & Years, and what is Communion?” Well, let me fill you in, Years & Years are a British based electronica trio that were picked up back in 2012. Their single, King, made it to no 1 in the British charts and their follow up single, Shine, made it up to no 2.

The band itself has been together since 2010 and since winning the prestigious ‘BBC Sound of 2015’ award they have gone from strength to strength. With the success of their first EP (reached number 1 in the UK iTunes electronic charts) they stayed on the ball and, in July 2015, released their first album, Communion.

To the review

Communion is the debut album by Years & Years, released on 10th July 2015, and it features a healthy 13 tracks (depending which version you get, the deluxe has 17 and the super deluxe has 19), it features the popular singles; King, Take Shelter, Desire and Shine.

From start to finish you get an idea that this band is one that is fully aware of their own ‘sound’ or ‘style’ and that they have spent a fair amount of time perfecting it.

Featuring electronic instrumentals and relaxed vocals it is one that you can definitely chill out to and would be well suited to a nice drive down a coastal road.

Certain tracks like Take Shelter, Desire and King are real head nodders which would get most night clubs jumping. At times you get the impression that the guys behind the music are heavily influenced by the classic 90’s club sound but that might just be my aging self reminiscing to my childhood. You can decide on that one!

Personally I think the whole album has a great, up beat and lively vibe throughout and, that the underlying mood throughout the album really brings it all together.

Having heard their singles, and thoroughly enjoying them, I was looking forward to this album and it has not disappointed in the slightest. If you like electronic beats with smooth vocals it is definitely worthwhile giving Communion a listen.

Good work lads!

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