Aethia Bounty

Do you remember the massive uproar which was caused by the release of the infamous Crypto Pets a couple months back? The onslaught of digital feline and canine acquisition was so populous that it caused the entire Ethereum blockchain to crash through the overwhelming traffic and become severely back logged with transactions. Well, the new crypto based Tamagotchi, Aethia, has the possible potential to do exactly the same thing.

Right now Aethia are distributing their precious Ethergotchi eggs strictly via their bounty program, which can see you receive a legendary egg worth roughly 100 Ethereum tokens (by the companies own valuation).

The rewards for the bounty are tiered and you will receive an egg for as few as 3 referrals. The basic egg (called a common egg) which you receive will be worth .01 Ethereum (again by the creators valuation) and for as few as 50 referrals you could receive an egg worth 1 full Ethereum token.

So, as you can see, this bounty is one which could be extremely lucrative depending on how many people you can point towards the program.

All you have to do to join the referral program is simply signup to the website and then begin sharing your special referral link. It literally takes a couple minutes so what’s the harm, right?

Anyway, all the vitals are below!

Platform:Ethereum (ERC20 Token)
Runtime:Closes 16th February 2018
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Website RegistrationYesClick here
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