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Airdrop Alert: KoveredPay (KVP) (CLOSED)


It’s that time again, airdrop time. This time I am bringing KoveredPay, another self claiming airdrop contract which requires you to interact with a smart contract to attain your tokens. As of now you will receive 350 KVP tokens for invoking the claim function on their contract however, as is often the case, I am entirely unsure as to the value of these tokens.

The main selling point of the company which I can see is their plan to implement a reversible blockchain paying system. As you may know a massive drawback of cryptocurrencies is their inability to reverse a transaction well, if they get their way, KoveredPay aim to solve this issue.

As mentioned all you have to do to claim you tokens is go to My Ether Wallet and click on the contracts tab then paste in the contract address & ABI of the KoveredPay contract and click the dropdown menu, then select “airdrop Claim”. Upon doing so you will be credited with 350 KVP although your wallet will show you have sent 350 KVP, weird.

Anyway, if you’re comfortable interacting with contracts I have put the details below as the text is not easy to copy off the KoveredPay website. Enjoy.


Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything. We would also like to remind you that Something Decent is not in anyway responsible for the distribution of airdrops, bounties or giveaways unless it is stated that we are personally conducting them

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