Ether Lend Airdrop

You may have already been involved in an airdrop involving the Eidoo wallet for Etherlend, well, let me tell you, this is another Ether Lend – the Eidoo one was issuing LEND tokens and this one is issuing ELEND. The similarities, however, are the fact that both tokens are conducting an airdrop. For this one all you have to do is follow their Twitter account and fill in a good old fashioned Google form.

The aim with Ether Lend is, as you guessed, to create an online digital currency lending platform which utilises an Ethereum based token. Information about the token is pretty limited right now but you never know what will come out of the woodwork if they stick to their roadmap which can be viewed in their Bitcoin Talk post.

To join is pretty simple and easy so follow the information below and put yourself in the metaphorical hat, so to speak.

Platform:Ethereum (ERC20 Token)
Follow TwitterYes@SSOTHealth
Post a TweetNoN/A
Facebook LikeNoN/A
Facebook ShareNoN/A
Join TelegramNoN/A
Reddit SubNoN/A
Fill Google FormYesClick here
Website RegistrationNoClick here to visit
Bitcointalk CommentNoNot required but Click here to visit their post

Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything.

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