Savvy: Self Produced and Independent

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This is one for the hip hop fans who read the Something Decent website and are interested in adding something a little different to their routinely played playlists. Today I am introducing you all to Savvy, a self produced and independent UK based rap artist who got in touch with us at Something Decent to […]

Isaac Gracie: The Unsuspecting Voice

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As the little old title above would most ikely suggest, this week’s Give ‘Em a Go reccommendation is the uniquley beautiful voice of Isaac Gracie. Well, not just his voice, all the other bits that make the artist, too. Coinciding with last week’s reccommendation of Milburn, this here tip off to Isaac Gracie also comes […]

Review of Good Evening by Verb T & Pitch 92

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Ready for a little bit of hip hop with traditionally styled beats and conscious lyrics? If so you’re most certainly in luck! To give you a brief bit of background information, Verb T has been active on the UK hip hop scene for some time and is one of many respected emcees on the High […]