Introducing Ethereum Limited Total Coin (ELTCOIN): A Community Based ERC20 Token

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After reading that long old title above you’re probably wondering what the Ethereum Limited Total Coin is and what it’s about. Well, fear not, I’m here to give you a bit of info before their flash pre-sale starts. If you’re a regular reader of these ever so lovely crypto chronicles then you probably saw the […]


Introducing Electroneum: Bringing Crypto to the Masses

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Aaaand were back! Another episode from the weekly Crypto Chronicles, this time I’m going to be bringing you something which is a little closer to home (for me at least) in Electroneum. That’s right, the crypto startup being focused on today is one which all Brits can feel a little fuzzy sensation about, as it […]

Paragon cryptocurrency

Introducing Paragon: Revolutionising the Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis cultivation and cryptocurrencies. There’s a few words I bet you didn’t expect to read in the same sentence. If that’s the case I’m going to take a further bet and guess that you’re unaware of the Paragon coin or their future plans, so let me enlighten you. Paragon are a crypto startup company who […]

Introducing Alloy: A Universal Rewards System

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We’ve all had a store card/loyalty bonus program/cashback which didn’t really amount to anything other than an extra piece of junk to assist with the padding out of our unnecessarily packed wallets/purses, right? I know I have! Wouldn’t it be great if there were some form of system in place where you could combine all […]