Sapien ICO

Introducing Sapien: Take Control of Your Social Experience

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Having taken some time away from introducing you all to new crypto currencies and ICO opportunities I thought I would return with one I personally think could be a solid company should they carry out their plan. As you may have guessed after reading the title the company I am talking about is Sapien – […]


Introducing PoS Token: Proof of Stake smart contracts running on Ethereum

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As the title suggests, today I’m going to be introducing a very interesting Ethereum based company, PoSToken: a proof of stake smart contract based token. As of this moment you may well be thinking “what on earth are you on about ‘proof of stake’” and if you are, I can’t say that I blame you. […]

Deep Onion Banner

Introducing Deep Onion: Your Anonymity Guaranteed

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In an attempt to buck the trend of all these Ethereum based tokens, which may or may not be of any real world value, I’ve decided to get back to introducing a crypto company with a solid plan, roadmap, and use: Deep Onion. As mentioned in the title, the focal selling point of the Deep […]