Pump & Dump Groups

Why Pump & Dump Groups are Something to Avoid

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Depending on how long you have been interested in the world of cryptocurrencies you may well have heard the term “pump and dump” banded about a fair bit, but what does it mean? What are pump and dump groups? Should you join one of the ever so many ‘premium’ telegram channels? Let me answer those […]

Bee Token Cover

How The Bee Token ICO Proved a Need For Unity in The Community

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Many of you may have heard about, or even been a part of, the recent highly anticipated ICO from the greatly rated crypto startup Bee Token. Due to the nature of their business, the team behind the project and the partnerships already in place, the Bee Token presale sold out in literally hours and saw […]

Are Some Websites Secretly Mining in Your Browser?

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I want to start this article by being straight up & honest and going on record to say that this could all be a tin-hat theory in the same vane as those which conspire that the earth is flat and shapeshifting potatoes are really in control of our fate, but none the less I believe […]

Dadi Shambles

The Shambles That Was The Dadi.Cloud ICO

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Making a slight detour from my usual type of story I thought I would write up a wee old article about something which will probably be a point of relativity to many of you: terribly organised ICOs which end up simply costing you money through the failed transaction’s gas and then sell out before you […]