EtherDelta: From Token Titan to a Slow and Painful Death

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Many of the newer members of the Something Decent community may be a little unaware as to what I mean by the above title as they have either got little experience with trading ERC20 tokens, or they simply haven’t even seen a working version of the once most popular decentralised token exchange in the cryptoverse. […]


KoveredPay Abandon Their Project

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Some of you may remember the KoveredPay airdrop that I posted about a few days ago which required you to interact with their contract in order to receive your share of KVP tokens, well, today I woke to an email from the team which stated that they have abandoned their project. The reason they have […]


Introducing Enumivo: Social Justice on the Blockchain

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Many of you regulars here at Something Decent may well remember the Enumivo airdrop which took place a few days ago and required participants to send 0 (zero) Ethereum to their smart contract which automatically distributed them a share of the remaining tokens allocated for the airdrop. Well, after successful completion of their fair and […]


Airdrop, Giveaway or Bounty? Let’s Discuss

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Airdrops?! Bounties!? Giveaways?! With the recent extreme insurgence of free cryptocurrencies the entire community has, as you might expect, been going quite bonkers and would-be investors have been going pretty insane trying to lap up all the free digital money they can fit in their digital wallets. Now, I won’t lie, I have personally probably […]