Airdrop Alert: Own Data Network (OWN)

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Do you fancy some free crypto? Of course you do, read on! Own Data Network are currently conducting a little airdrop of their own in which all users who register to their network will receive 1000 OWN coins. Literally that is all you have to do, complete a web registration which literally takes less than […]


Airdrop Alert: Gplay (GPA)

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We’re back with another proper, old school, airdrop. Decentralised gaming network Gplay have been doing the rounds on the Bitcoin Talk forum and have already distributed 3 rounds of their airdrop. All you have to do to enter the airdrop is download their wallet (I have downloaded the mac version myself with no problems or […]


Airdrop Alert: InDX Coin (INDX)

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India’s newly found decentralised cryptocurrency exchange InDX have released details of their free to enter airdrop distribution campaign. All you have to do is register to their platform and you will see your account deposited with 1000 INDX coins to use on their exchange. The exchange is, as mentioned, a brand new decentralised exchange which […]