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Introducing Ethereum Cash: Out of the woodwork and into forefront

As all the hype, tears, and accusations of scamming fears, start to settle in the crypto world there has been a steady level of growth in both development and popularity for only a couple, out of the literal hundreds of tokens which have been introduced over the past week, or so.

One of the main contenders to take themselves out of the dusty rickety frame and put themselves straight into the centre of the beautiful tapestry known as the tokenised crypto world is Ethereum Cash, or ECASH.

Having managed to take their newborn, tokenised, crypto currency (which runs on the Ethereum blockchain) from announcement to airdrop with little to no accusations of being a scam is no easy achievement, as anyone who posts on popular forum Bitcoin Talk will tell you. In fact, pretty much everything released in the past week or so has been called a scam in one way or another on the forum. However, ECASH remains unscathed.

Not only have they managed to get through their initial introduction, plan, and two rounds of distribution pretty much seamlessly, the dev team for ECASH have managed to get their token listed on Coinmarketcap with a price increase of over 130% at the point of writing this article.


So what is ECASH and what do they plan to do which is getting so many people feeling sticky in their sensitive regions? Well, for a start, their roadmap is impressive to say the least. They plan on releasing a mobile app which will allow for the quick and cheap transfer of funds between users within the coming weeks, while their longterm goal is to be seen as the official currency of Ethereum – a smart contract based blockchain (not a currency).

With the latter in mind they are also expecting to be able to boast a market cap matching that of Ethereum, should which be possible a number of people would have been made to be significantly wealthy without any initial financial investment.

As of writing this article the team are preparing for their fourth and final round of distribution which will see them distribute 25% of their public reserve via airdrop, on a first come first serve basis, for free, and the remaining 75% on promotion and rewarding their community.

Currently they’re working balls to walls on getting their whitepaper ready for the world to dig their teeth into, while also working on getting their promised app ready for release in time to meet the goals set out in their roadmap.

As the main hurdle of pretty much all cryptocurrencies seems to be ‘mass adoption’ ECASH are aiming to use their app as a way of getting more people interested in the industry by allowing them an easy entry point which helps your average Jane get to grips with the platform.

While the company is still learning to walk it is most certainly kicking up quite the fuss in the crypto world and, should the team keep going at it as they have been, it could well be running alongside the big boys in the not too distant future. Keep an eye on this one!