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Attack of the Clones: Airdrops and the Madness that Ensues

As another crazy week in the crypto verse comes to a close I’m sure many of you who have been paying attention are flabbergasted (word of the day) at the recent turn of events which has seen everyone and their dog run over to the popular forum Bitcoin Talk to try and participate in an ‘Airdrop’ of some kind.

The reason for the sudden interest in Airdrops? In a word, eBTC – Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain – a currency that with no roadmap or white paper went straight to the Etherdelta exchange and onto Coin Market cap. What’s more, it recorded an increase in value of over 300% which saw the coin worth 77¢ at one point, taking the value of the Airdrop to over $2000!

Although the value has since dropped it wouldn’t unreasonable to expect it to go back up with a solid roadmap and white paper, let alone if/when it is listed on a major exchange, a la Bittrex or Poloniex.

ebtc airdrop

After all this money talk, many are probably wondering what an airdrop is, I’ll explain, it’s basically a way for developers to enable free participation in a project for early adopters, usually in a way to try and get a bit of a community started prior to an ICO.

So, eBTC was made, people started trading it and it acquired quite an insane value for a coin with pretty much little to no info. What followed was pure madness.

Have you heard of Litecoin… or Dash… or Ripple? Well, how about Litecoin on Ethereum (eLTC)… or Dash on Ethereum (eDASH)… or Ripple on Ethereum (eXRP)? Basically, since noticing the hype around eBTC pretty much every coin under the sun has acquired an Ethereum based alternative which is being distributed freely via Airdrops. Will they all have the same results? Unlikely. But not impossible.

eBTC charts

To add to the furore and commotion of the e(insert coin name here) hysteria there have been claims of scams and all sorts (eLTC popping up and then another springing up with the same name, calling the other a scam, and leaving a lot of the community confused as to who the real ‘scammer’ was/is).

Further to all this scam talk and Ethereum based tokens there has even been a wBTC popping up (Bitcoin on the Waves platform). With all this going on it has left members of the community wondering whether this is just a result of opportunist’s acting fast to capitalise on the perceived success of eBTC, or whether this is all an orchestrated attack on the alt coin market aimed at devaluing the Ethereum blockchain.

Whatever the case, I have decided to include links to free airdrops should you wish to participate in them.


Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before participating in any airdrops as Something Decent do not take any responsibility for any foul play from the developers of the projects we share.