Airdrop Alert: Mannabase (MANNA)

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We would all love to be able to get some free money every now and again, right? I know I would. Well, Mannabase are going to give you exactly that. They currently have an airdrop which rewards users 500 MANNA tokens for simply signing up to their website platform. They are also offering users the […]


Airdrop Alert: Corbit (CEX)

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Let’s start the Sunday and end the week with a good old airdrop, shall we? This one if from crypto startup Corbit and will reward you with 20 CEX tokens for signup via Telegram. The airdrop also will provide you with a bounty opportunity where you can receive 10 CEX tokens for following the Corbit […]


Airdrop Alert: RxEAL (RXL)

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I have managed to find another easy to enter airdrop program for all you crypto hungry weekend readers. This time it is from RxEAL and all you have to do to enter the airdrop is join a Telegram group and submit your details to their Telegram bot. Simple. The RxEAL company are a real estate […]


Airdrop Alert: Eth Town

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We’ve all played The Sims, right? Well, I know I used to, at least. This post isn’t about making humongous houses and starting fires to kill virtual people, this is about a new game being developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Eth Town. The developers of Eth Town have taken to Bitcoin Talk to announce details […]